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Mayan Buffet

Costa Maya Delegates, July 29th, 2011

The Reina de la Costa Maya beauties have been to many places since their arrival here on the Island. They’ve been getting a lot of attention and many locals and tourists rush with their cameras to get a picture with them. Here they are in some of the places they have visited.

2010 Costa Maya Delegates

Local and international visitors enjoy a world-class event in beautiful San Pedro. There are traditional and modern dance groups, star studded musical bands accompanied by renown singers.

Elvi\'s Foods

Elvi’s kitchen has been serving the community of San Pedro for the past 35 years with dishes such as their Famous fried chicken, excellent burgers, stuffed jalapeño peppers, and other local dishes!

Elvia Staines' Lifetime Award Party

Elivia Staines celebrates BTB 9th Lifetime Award with friends

BTB's 9th Year Award for Life Achievement

BTB 9th year award for life achievement was awarded to Mrs. Elvia Staines

2009 Costa Maya

San Pedro's International Costa Maya Festival is the only festival of its kind in Central America. It is the biggest festival in Belize, as well as the highlight of Ambergris Caye's entertainment year.

Elvi's History

Elvi’s Kitchen started about 25 years ago with a ‘hole in the wall’ takeout window and Doña Elvia’s fondness of the kitchen. “I have always loved to cook,” said Doña Elvia. | |


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